BBC Pop on Trial

BBCs POP on Trial from mark taplin on Vimeo.


MySpace on MTV


Hush Your Mouth Film Titles



Title design, animation and illustrations for British film Hush Your Mouth by Andy Potts.


Animation & Direction by Alex Dobbin
Music by the Pogues from the album ‘If I Should Fall from Grace with God’
Titles by John Slade

I made it as a fan of the band, having long-ago earmarked the track for future visual interpretation.
The track is also an old nursery rhyme harkening back to younger years.
In a historical context, the singer Spider Stacy tells me there are many more verses but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who still knows them!
Thanks to Philip Chevron and other members of the band who have seen this and given it the thumbs up!

Villa Nah live with visuals by Synthetics

Synthetics performing live visuals for Finnish synth pop duo Villa Nah at The Drop, London on 7th July 2010.

Music: Villa Nah
Visuals, Edit and Post Production: Ben Cook
Director of Photography: Tom Bunning


Make The Future

Considering the future of education in the light of social and technological change. And for once, it’s not all doom and gloom! By Alex Dobbin for with John Slade. Music composed by M.Price, usage licensed to FutureLab Ltd.